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“Determinants of Co-Ethnic Migrant Integration: Evidence from South Korea” by Steven Denney and Christopher Green

May 25, 2022 @ 8:00 am 9:00 am JST

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Authors: Steven Denney (University of Vienna) and Christopher Green (Leiden University)

Abstract: What are the determinants of integration for co-ethnic migrants in South Korea? The literature on immigration attitudes in East Asian countries is new but growing. Research on South Korea finds that attitudes are relatively open and positive towards immigration although a co-ethnic preference remains and strong origins-based discrimination condition immigration attitudes. However, even co-ethnics from culturally similar backgrounds, such as migrants from North Korea, face significant barriers to full integration. Where the literature falls short is in understanding the determinants of integration among migrants. This paper fills this gap by using a survey experiment with South Koreans that measures preferences and determinants of economic, political, and social integration across hypothetical North Korean defector-migrant profiles. There are heterogeneous effects across the three measured dimensions but broadly similar findings. South Koreans prefer defector-migrants who show strong integration cues, especially those who meet cultural and economic expectations of contemporary South Korean society. Migrants who signal stronger ties to North Korea are especially discriminated against. Our findings have both practical implications for integration and resettlement policy and contribute to the literature on (im)migration, citizenship, and belonging.

Discussants: Jae Yeon Kim (KDI).

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