“Land Taking, Windfall Revenue, and Social Unrest: Evidence from China” by Xiaobo Lü, Lynette Ong, & Wenhui Yang

Registration required! Author: Xiaobo Lü (UT), Lynette Ong (Toronto), and Wenhui Yang (UT). Abstract: Land expropriation is a highly contentious issue in any society, yet existing research primarily focuses on land related conflicts and scholars have paid little attention to the broader state-society relations. Furthermore, identifying the causal effects of land expropriation is challenging due to the […]

“Policing and Gendered Cases in India” by Nirvikar Jassal

Registration required! Author: Nirvikar Jassal (Stanford) Abstract: How and why women are marginalized within public agencies remains understudied. Using original micro-level data on crime in India, I highlight the patterns of exclusion faced by women in law enforcement. By classifying India's Penal Code, I demonstrate that women are tasked with specific cases, especially 'non-heinous' gendered crimes that the […]

“(Un)muting the Fire Alarm: Impact of the Establishment of Appellate Courts on Land Dispute Resolution in China” by Siyun Jiang

Registration required! Author: Siyun Jiang (Texas) Abstract: Many authoritarian regimes established administrative courts for information collection and agent control. Yet given the overall power asymmetries between the executive and the judiciary, judicial oversight faces local resistance from the bureaucracy. Reforms that enhance judicial supervision may induce countermeasures and yield unintended consequences. Using administrative data on the resolution of […]

“Understanding the Anti-Extradition Law Movement: Grievances and Post-materialism in Hong Kong Protests” by Theodore Charm

Registration required! Author: Theodore Charm (Texas). Abstract: Over the past decade, Hong Kong has witnessed increasingly contentious civil rights movements, most notably the recent Anti-Extradition Law Movement. Despite not being the primary stakeholder in the legal fight against the Extradition Law, why is that ordinary Hong Kong citizens were the ones who took action? In this article, […]

“Insights from South Asia – Post-truth and Public Opinion in Pakistan” by Anam Kuraishi

Registration required! Author: Anam Kuraishi (University of Essex) Abstract: Although there exist numerous conceptualisations of post-truth, a gap in literature remains with regards to empirically illustrating it. This gap is present due to the lack of operationalisation of the term ‘post-truth’. This paper deals with this limitation; it discusses ‘post-truth’ as an adjective whereby certain attributive traits (Lacanian […]